Game time: How well do you know your GAG friends?

Tag the GAGers and mention a fact about them! See if you got them right.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Uh okayy o. o

    • @Jxpxtxr is a model (and a super gorgeous one as well!) ❤

    • @MissNowhere hates living in her country and would love to get out of there asap 🙈

    @Genie23 hates her voice 😂😂 (I still haven't hear your voice yet ahah xD)

    @cinderelli likes to eat pizza! 🍕

    @Paris13 loves to help people 😊

    I think that's all.. the rest, I don't even know if we're considered as 'GAG friends' so just better save me the awkwardness ><


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What Guys Said 2

  • @Paris13 Nice person, likes to help people, tells fuuny jokes, world traveler, great writer, role model.

    There are also many other great and helpful users that work hard to make the site what it is.

  • Pink Anon ---> Smart, mysterious, probably good looking, entertaining, and so forth


What Girls Said 1

  • @coolbreeze: Blue for True blue straight shooter.
    *There is just soooooo many to mention, I woul dbe here, dear , all day and ALLLLLLL of them, one by one, who SEE THIS... You know how FABULOUS EACH OF YOU ARE. xx

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