Are they being over contorling and is this a kind of emotinal abuse?

Lats nigth, my mom burst into my room and asked what I was doining on my tablet so late. She took it from me and tired to look trough it. I tired to get it back from her, and my dad came in and restarined me meanwhile my mom hid my tablet. I asked them many times if I could get it back amd go to bed, but, they refused untill I let them look trough it. They kept saying I was hideing something, and they had to look trough it. I wasn't hiding anything, I just wanted my privacy respected and for them not to look trough it. I kept telling them that I wasn't hiding anything amd for them to please turst and bealive me, that I was an adult and I knew better than what they were acussing me of. They said I wasn't an adult, (even tough I truned 18 in July) and that they had the rigth to look trough my things. They were worried I was talking to someone who they siad I wasn't allowed to speak to anymore. Im tired of this. I can't move out beacuse I haven't finshed high school yet and also they didn't teach me how to be independant. What can I do? I feel trapped.

Sometimes I feel like I live in a prison more than a house and that killing myself would be the only way I could be free...


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  • That's emotional abuse to me.


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  • This is totally unreasonable of them. They just don't seem to have any respect for you. I think all you can do is to carry on until you are in a position to get a job and leave home. You can then disown them if you wish to.

  • For one, learn to spell otherwise it will be trickier to get a job. Seriously, that is the worst spelling I have seen in a looooong time!

    You don't really get taught to be independent, you have to do it yourself... oh the irony!

    Just get through school and get a job and leave. It is the natural order of things.

    • I have a learning disablity that makes it difficult for me to spell words correctly...

    • Dislexia. Or similar. Thought so.

    • which grade you are in now? don't worry after high school try to get a normal work in with you don't have to forget the thing in your job

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