Was I wrong when I asked out my first girl two years ago {read for details}?

I'm 21 and asked my first girl out two years ago, but she took back her boyfriend who she was broken up with at the time; they're still together, even after she broke up with him another two times.

The reason for this question is because I've known her boyfriend since 9th grade: we went to school together and talked some, but we didn't talk outside of school like I did with his girlfriend (who I've known since 11th grade). However, and not to sound like I have no faith in people, I figured the relationship wouldn't last since he cheated on his ex. She broke up with him the first time because he did drugs behind her back, at one point calling her a b*tch when she was trying to get him to quit hanging out with his friends who did drugs.

He got three months in prison for meth after they broke up, and when she went back to him after he got out, she broke up with him again three months later because he did cheat on her; he also told her he'd mess around with other girls if they took a break from the relationship, and while I still unconditionally love him, him calling her 'fat' is the point where I really lost respect for him. She recently broke up and got back together with him a third time, for reasons that I'm unsure of; but shortly before that, he pushed her because he apparently didn't take medications that helped control his anger - which I still don't consider a justification.

Despite all that, was I wrong to ask her out if I actually knew him?

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  • It was his fault.


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