Fellow Gamers do you view retro-gamers as weirdos?

I’ve noticed most gamers (at least 90% or more)…focus on modern consoles mostly…even if they r older in age like 30+…

So honestly how’d u view a person who still enjoys 80s-90s games…would u view him as an outcast of da gamin community or as a weirdo?


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  • Well, I always used to game a lot... then took a loooooong break because of my studies. Now, I started with the ps3 and ps4 again and I feel quite like an outcast, still loving it as I used to. The only big difference is, most (at least popular) games have some awesome depth or backstory, making me enjoy the today's games even more, though I would switch back to the oldies for some time too.

    And let's not forget the bombastic graphics like Tombraider 2013 or Until Dawn!

    Sure, maybe I'm not an "oldie" anymore, but still a passionate gamer, I would say.^^😊


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  • *points to age*

    I've been doing this shit for a long time (since I was three) and I love games of all vintages.

    • Thanks for MHO.

      re: your comments below, gameplay isn't always as deep as it used to be in mainstream releases, but you'd be surprised how many hidden gems there are that don't get all the headlines but are tons of fun.

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    • Sanctum 2 and Natural Selection 2 are both good, deep team-based shooters, for example.

      DCS' series of military simulators are unparalleled in their depth and attention to detail.

      Freedom Planet is a better 'Sonic' game than anything Sega's made in the last 15 years.

    • i see... thanks.. :)

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  • I collect old and new. im weirder than anybody i know! :P

  • well im almost thirty and their are games I never played but want too and plan to when I have time I guess. id like to beat the zeldas from the 64 never got around to that.

  • Galaga rules :)

  • I would be surprised (not a gamer) but consoles and graphics must get better as years go by.

    • but gameplay sucks in newer games..

  • I'd think you were an entitled misogynist.

    • how come?

    • Because video gamers are all virgin basement dwellers who never leave the house and spend all day ogling female video game characters.

      Hello? Gamergate?

    • sorry but dis one's just a stupid generalisation...

  • All gamers are weirdos tbh

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