Does Skype now have hidden fees or am I being hacked?

Ok, so I put $25 on my account because I was going down to the city and wanted to use Skype wifi, well I have NOT used any of the time on it like I thought I was gonna and now Im down to $9.84! They appearentky are still billing my bank account and I haven't been using it! I have changed my password to something only I would know and then I forgot it :( (case sensitive...) and now I plan to keep changing it everyother week now because of it. What do you think? Have a been hacked or is Skype charging hidden fees? Also when I went to request a password change, I still haven't gotten it! I even checked my spam...

  • Someone must be getting updates every time you change your password and is HACKING YOU!
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  • Skype is greedy and is charging you HIDDEN FEES!
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  • Skype was down yesterday and i can't see why people don't want use Google Hangout and you don't have to worry about it and there surely should be some other site that you can use webcam on. I heard people tell me about free Skype they use but maybe you pay for certain things like hidden fees never thought about that before.


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