Which gender do you believe is more helpful or more positive to the opposite sex dealing with insecurity issues?

Which gender do you believe is more helpful or more positive to the opposite sex dealing with insecurity issues? I think men are much more helpful and positive to insecure women than women are to insecure men. Women generally just ignore our insecurities and rarely say anything positive to us to help the cause whereas if an insecure woman brings up her insecurities, there would be at least a handful of men telling her that it's okay and even telling her that she's beautiful and what not. We're definitely more positive and try to be more cheerful to them. Even on this site, insecure women get dozens of men replying to their insecurities and telling them it's okay in their questions while insecure men get ignored every now and then by women with many questions left unanswered by women. Even in how do I look questions, only the really good looking guys get decent amount of answers from girls while all kinds of girls get good number of replies from guys. With a lot of guys even telling unattractive girls that they look good. When it comes to other women though, women tend to be very helpful and very positive but rarely ever to men.


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  • Men because were straight forward with our opinions and advice. Women will try to be politically correct, spare your feeling, lie to you, say anyone would be lucky to have you just not them. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • True. But more often than not, women would just completely ignore your issues while us men will try our best to help the women out.

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    • hope my answer pertains to what your saying

    • I see

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  • i think women are.

    • Lol how? A lot of times, men don't even get any help or any level of support from them. Where there is an insecure woman sharing her feelings, almost every time you'll see a guy being supportive of her. Even on this site, guys are way more likely to answer an insecure girl's question than girls answering insecure guy's question. In how do I look questions, unless the guy is a complete stud, he barely gets any answers from girls while no matter what a girl looks like, there are many guys answering her and telling her she looks fine.

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