Should the name of this site be changed to Girls Vs Guys?

Reading the questions on here its pretty easy to see there are many question bashing the other sex, which sex has it more easy, dating for girls come easy, a lot of talk about equality between the sexes.
So do you think the site named should be changed to Girls vs. Guys or should the name remain untouched? please type in an alternitive name for this site if you feel it should change but my name for it isn't sufficient enough.

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  • Girls Vs. Guys
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Most Helpful Girl

  • HELL NO. that would be terrible and encourage a lot more shitty behaviour than there is already.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have only seen 2 immature questions from women disrespecting men ever since I've been on this site both women wasn't anonymous

    But I have seen tons of so called pathetic 'men' going anonymous to disrespect women

    So what have we all learnt on this site?

    That women have more balls then the so called men on here

    • ahhh! ok fair answer. so left as is?

    • Great question bro :)

    • More like men just want to vent their frustrations more. A reason for that (not that I'm joining in on the venting) is that they do indeed have it harder and thus come on line to express it.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Nah. There is already enough change with this site. Useless change. Why create more useless change? I'd rather leave it the way it is.

  • Ah, yes here, Dear... Something different. xx

  • That's how many conversations devolve, truly.


What Guys Said 3

  • I actually think the site had way more parity when the option for girls and guys to answer the same question across the board was available.

    Now we have the option to selectively ask the sex we wanna ask, which means we can't see what girls are being asked and they can't see what guys are being asked (unless they sign out of their account).

    If there was anything I'd be up for seeing brought back, it would be that.

  • It should be called GirlsaskSuperiorMen

  • It is sexist. Why girls are always first? It should be Guys vs Girls.