Why my friends always trying to convince me to whatever that is opposite to what I like?

Friend A: When I was dating a white boy she was like eww I can't stand white boys I prefer boys with dark hair and dark eyes. I'm now dating a European man with dark hair and dark eyes and she is like oh don't you love these boys. I prefer your ex the eye with blue eyes.

Friend B: Saw this guy's online dating profile and told me I might like him and thinks this guy is not ugly at all. Now I'm dating this guy exclusively and my friend is like what do you like about him? are you attracted to him? or you like him like a family? wow you let him wear glasses? he looks ugly with glasses.

What exactly are my friends trying to do here?


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  • Sounds to me your friends are being very picky, difficult and are trying to get their noses into your dating choices when it's none of their business! Tell them to back the hell off because at the end of the day you can date whoever you want :-)

    • Thanks for the upvote ;-)

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    • Hahaha at least your friend can admit that she acts like a total princess lol :-p
      Her boyfriend must be one calm and very patient guy dealing with her for over 6 years haha :-D

    • Sure I'll take a look at it :-)

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