Moving in with my coworker and her boyfriend?

so this is my first time moving out of my parents and my coworkers roomate is moving out in the next couple of days. she knows how badly I want to move out so she offered to move in with her. I wasn't sure because the rent is a little high and I would probably end up getting a third job (I currently have two, but one is only once a week) and not go back to school. I'm only taking one class lol. But she said I'd only pay rent that they obviously wouldn't let me starve. BUT I obviously wouldn't just not help out. Anyways I went to her place yesterday to smoke some hookah haha but also to check out the place and I also met her boyfriend which would be a potential roomate. He's also another reason I was unsure of moving in with them, for the past month they've been fighting and she apprently beat him up bc he cheated on her, I don't know. But after a month they're deciding to stay together and are actually looking for another apartment across the street. Welp I met him and he seems nothing like what she'd say about him. He's really nice and doesn't seem to bother even a fly. BUT he's attractive and being my awkward usual self, I got twice as awkward when he'd ask me a simple question. I really liked the place, everythings close by and her boyfriend even said he could get me a job where he works (which pays better than the restaurant I work at). at the end of the night once I got home she texted me saying I was her absolute favorite friend he's ever met and they really want me to move in. she doesn't legally live there, just him but once I move in all three of us would be on the lease. Im all for it, I just need to tell my parents but I feel like maybe im not ready? I haven't even looked for health insurance and I need to get my car fixed. I have 0 savings. but things at home are super tense and my mom obviously doesn't want me here, we argue everyday over nothing


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  • That's a tough call. I think you should do what is good for you in your present situation. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

    • Yeah I just feel like I'm screwed both ways, just differently

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    • Well they did say they didn't want to find someone off craigslist. She lowered the rent by 300 which is a lot and really helps me out. I'm still wondering why, I didn't ask her to just told her I'd be living paycheck to paycheck. But another thing that's been bugging me is that their lease isn't for a year they said they're doing month to month, which is apparently impossible to do month to month?

    • That is good that she dropped the price for you. I think that will help out a lot. Yeah but that lease thing sounds weird and tricky. I never heard of them being month to month. That is a new one to me.

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