[Quiz] Which Aussie Animal Are You Actually?


You got: Wallaby

Sometimes you feel a bit left out and get slightly paranoid that people really wish you were someone else, but you shouldn’t care so much. You are gorgeous and cool and actually completely worthy of the spotlight if you want it. So you don’t run with the crowd all the time: so what? Keep doing you.

[Quiz] Which Aussie Animal Are You Actually?


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  • You got: Quoll
    You’re definitely a bit of a loner, and a night owl too: if you had your way you’d basically sleep all day and just come out at night. A bit of a solitary soul, you like your own company and avoid other people unless absolutely necessary. Some think you’re spiky, but actually you’re cute in that “je ne sais quoi” kind of way. Never change (of course you won’t).

    I am shy, enjoy night time the best, and I indeed love to sleep. Maybe I won't avoid people unless absolutely necessary, but most of this is right! :D


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  • You got: Platypus


    You’re so happy in your skin that you don’t even notice how much you stand out in a crowd. You are absolutely unique in every single way – anyone who meets you will tell you so, and tell everyone else you are one of a kind.

    I don't think that description fits me at all xD

    • Wieso, ich habe noch nie jemanden getroffen, der die ganzen Google moves draufhat 😂

    • haha okay, vielleicht stimmts ein wenig, aber ich fühle mich definitiv nicht wohl in meiner Haut! ;)

      und das war nur die Spitze des Eisberges, wenn sein muss kann ich dir auch den Google Page Ranking Algorithmus und ähnliches auflisten xD

    • Das tue ich auch nicht 😞
      Haha, das hätte ich mir auch denken können 😛

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  • I also got wallaby


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