Why do the wrong guys always like me?

I always thought the guys i liked didn't like me and guys who do like me are not the guys im interested. I've tried. I just dont feel the same way.

The only guy that i liked and liked me was a guy i worked with. I found out when it was too late though. I thought his kindness and constant touching and tellinf me how much he loves me was just kindness but nope. But its too late. He has a girlfriend who he is annoyed with but he is my boss now so we can't date.

I tried moving on and well, this guy is more confusing than the first. Everyone thought he liked me, even his coworkers would tease him and tell him he got nervous around me when i was there. This guy is nice though. Except we play fight a lot. He recently told me he thought this girl was cute and i started being mean. People say may be he is trying to make me jealous, i think he might just have friendzoned me.

And I've had other guys i dont like like me. I tried to like them but i dont feel anything. I've met a lot of guys at school. The majority of my classmates are guys. Im going to school for engineering so its mostly guys. I've made lots of guy friends. But theyre just friends.

I've also made guy friends at work. One of my closer guy friends told me i am the perfect girl. he's told me many times he can't like me but id be perfect. Acccording to him, im cute, im smart, and funny. He says i just whine to much. I whine to him because he's like one of my female friends but a guy.

So if some people think im great, why can't the guy i like see that?


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  • I'm not sure why so many women are confused by this. Maybe it's the whole "I'm a girl, so I'm supposed to be asked out paradigm", but the guys that ask you out that you don't like... well, you probably aren't the only girl that thinks she can do better than him. There are going to be way more guys like this, roaming around, lacking desirability that are going to keep taking their shots with women.

    Some of the guys you like, that don't seem to like you... are sort of in your shoes from the previous example. If you find him attractive enough to beat out all the other guys that you didn't like that were approaching you, that probably means other women do too. There's something desirable about him. He might ultimately feel like he can do better than YOU. Which is a sucky feeling, of course.

    None of this is about some magical moment where two people just have this special connection. It's about how many desirable traits a person checks off on their list before (s) he's worth their time and effort.

    With your specific example of the guy you like... who cares if he finds another girl cute? That is life. There are 3.5+ billion other women on this planet. He's bound to find some of them attractive. Give him a reason to like you over them.

    • You are completely right. I talk to him at work a lot. Im sarcastic i guess im funny. Its kind of hard to dress nice when we all wear the same uniform but he has seen me dress up. More importantly, he has gotten to know me quite a bit. He knows i have a dark and sarcastic sense of humor and i dont get offended or scared when we play fight or he says dumb things. He can't do that with the other girls. But then again, im wondering if by me being ok with is, did i put myself in the friendzone? I would hate to pretend to be someone else. I like me how i am.

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  • Thus is life. This is why it's so important for girls to approach so they don't end up with just whoever will approach them!

    • hmm.. that's some straight up wisdom shit right there :P

    • My friend was trying to help me ask out the 2nd guy i liked but the day i decided to do it, he hit me with the "the new girl is cute" bs. I got completely discouraged after that. I tried to move on and sort of avoid him but its impossible because he always passes by where i am.

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  • You're immature.

    • I agree. I am 23. I think i should act more like it. You are so right.