How far can aesthetics bring you in life?

Honestly if you are a 9/10 in the looks department do you feel like you could get a little bit further in life? Things seemt to come handed to you when you are beautiful.

  • I don't know I'm a sub 5/10
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  • I'm hot and can confirm
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  • Looks don't bring you much
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  • Aesthetics make life easier.
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  • It makes life easier.


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  • It doesn't guarantee success but it definitely gives people an advantage and opens doors for them that average and ugly people wouldn't have opened. They are perceived as more trustworthy, more friendly, more charming etc. That being said its up to them to keep the opportunities and make the most of them. A gorgeous person who is dumb as a brick isn't going to go far in most cases. However if comparing two individuals, everything else being the same, the more attractive one has an advantage.

    Personally Im fairly average looking but Im very critical of my appearance and I think that holds me back because I don't have confidence. I dont feel comfortable in my own skin. I can go through my appearance and think of maybe 50 minute adjustments that Id make to various parts of my body to bring myself closer to the "ideal version of me". The real me never compares to the ideal version in my head and I HATE that. I think about it every day.

    If I woke up tomorrow as the a 9/10 I think I would feel more comfortable in my own skin which would in turn make me more outgoing and social. I don't think id ever be an extrovert tho, just more outgoing than I currently am. in my opinion being outgoing and having good social skills are HIGHLY valuable today. Perhaps even more valuable than intelligence.


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  • Vote D

    I model part time so make money off my looks, which is always scary, especially when haters keep reminding you DAILY that beauty doesn't last forever.


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  • I've been told I'm good-looking, but stuff definitely isn't handed to me. I've still got to put a lot of effort into everything from jobs to girls. Granted, good looks do help a little bit, and I'd rather be good-looking than not, but it's not all it's cracked up to be. There are still some downsides that not-so-good-looking people don't think about.

    I think it's definitely different for guys than girls though.

  • I think looks really help out in life. The way you are treated, first impressions, commanding respect, dating and sec, etc

  • I'm a sub 5/10 but it's pretty obvious having great looks affords you a lot. That's why I'm working to eventually have the $ to have plastic surgery and improve my below average facial features

    • Getting rhinoplasty done in two months.