Do you ever go hungry because you're poor?

Is there anyone who doesn't live with their parents who ever goes hungry? I rent a room in a house and I just realized I haven't had any food in the fridge in two days. I've just eaten lentils and rice for dinner each night thats it. I have 4 dollars total right now.


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  • I don't know what city you are in, but there should be soup kitchens that offer free meals to anyone. Check out homeless shelters, or check with a church downtown.
    Food stamps are also a great option, as they only go for food, but unfortunately they can buy you junk food and drink too, so if you go that route, try and be responsible.
    Lastly, you can mention to your friends and at work that you're not taking care of yourself right now, you should be able to get a meal or three a week out of your friends. Free D'su dDer stand a friend's got to eat.
    PS, try to cut extemporaneous spending, namely cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, sex, digital subscriptions etc.