How are you different now than you were in your early twenties?

This is mostly directed to the mid-late twenties age group 25-29 (30).

Although i still enjoy going out to clubs and bars. My main purpose isn't to get wasted anymore. I used to pregame and then drink more at the club.
Had a blast ! Lol.

I see life in a different perspective.
I see that I won't be Young forever as much as I want to stop agung.

Those a little older than 30 can answer too.

Stop aging **


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  • Believe it or not, I actually haven't changed a lot from when I was 18 or 19 to now that I'm 27. I have never been into partying or getting wasted. I've only been inside of a night club twice in my whole life ;-). I really didn't like it. I've never quite understood the purpose of partying. I'm not a good dancer and the bright lasers bothered me. I also didn't understand why people would attempt to talk to each other and - because the music was so loud - they would just scream into each other's ears. I remember thinking "this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If you wanna talk to your friends, why don't you just stay at home or go to a pub?"
    I have always been a pretty calm and a very mature/grown-up person. For example I enjoyed evenings when my parents invited some old friends and we had dinner together. While my siblings would go out to party, I would sit at home with my parents and talk about interesting stuff with people who were 30 years older than me. I don't know why, it just seemed (and still seems) more worthwhile to me. I remember my older brother teasing me a lot when I was in my early 20s and claiming that I'm behaving as though I was 50. I don't think that was quite true but I did definitely behave much older than I was. I also was never too much into one-night-stands and stuff like that. Of course I wanted to have a lot of sex (and still do), but even when I was 19 or 20, I desperately wanted to have a serious, long-term girlfriend.
    The only things I can spontaneously think of that really changed since those days is that I am for example more seriously thinking about things such as getting married and having children. I mean... I already thought about these things back then but now I do things such as actively contemplating how I would act in a particular situation, how I want to bring up our children etc.. However, I believe this has more to do with the fact that I have been in a long-term relationship for 5 years now, rather than purely with becoming older. Also, when I was 20, I didn't really care how long my studies would take. In my country, there is not set time frame in which you are supposed to complete your studies. We don't have grades like in high school, like they do in America or Britain. Everyone takes a different amount of time and generally speaking, people finish their studies later than in the Anglo-American world. Partially, this also has to do that in my country, almost everyone who actually goes to university (which

    • is only a small minority of the population) ends up doing a master's degree and not just a bachelor. In my country Switzerland, you can't find any job with a bachelor's degree because it's not considered a decent education. Most people here finish their studies between 27 and 30. I will probably ending up being done around 30 (unless I go for a PhD, in which case it would take me more time). I'm fine with studying so far and I like it very much. I enjoy learning new things and I can be very geeky. But at the same time, I also want to get done. I have been studying for a long time now and I want to start working. This is something I didn't really care about in my early 20s. But apart from these small differences, I think I'm pretty much the same person...

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  • I am more confident in who I am and what I like and believe.
    I have become more open-minded and better with my words.
    I have become more patient with my parents and nicer to my siblings.
    I actually really want to get married before 30ish... before I dreaded the thought.
    I have learned I am much more capable of handling the adult world than I thought.
    I want to be with a good guy and am not so hung up on superficial things.
    I take care of my appearance better.


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  • Oh man 20's was a blast...13-27 I was really at it non stop

    The biggest difference I can think of is my focus is directed more towards contribution to society rather than exploring

    I much prefer being home, I go out mostly if there's a purpose like celebrations or birthdays, not just for the sake of going out. My activities went from booze partying to mountain climbing, travelling, skiing

    Fun days lol

  • 1. I look for girlfriend material and not good-sex material
    2. I look forward to sleeping in without hangovers
    3. And when I do drink, I actually drink responsibly

  • I realized aperintally I do not know everything

  • pretty much the same as my teens

    • You're early twenties though. There's a defining moment in ur late twenties. U will see what I'm talking about in 4 years

    • well at this rate they are going to be just as boring as my early 20s and teens

  • I became an old man at 16, I'm just a bit wiser now.

  • I can do cunnilingus now 😎

  • Early twenties... college years:
    -Used to get blackout drunk every time I went to the bar with my friends
    -Used to try to get as much sex as I can and not worry about a relationship... but I never got any sex.

    Mid-Twenties (I am 24... but will be 25 in 2 months).
    -I rarely drink. If I drink now, I just have 1 bud light or water when I go out.
    -I'm still a virgin, so I don't care about having a relationship still. I just want to try to have sex.

    I mean... I'm still the same person... but those were the 2 big things that changed in the last few years.

  • I drink more.

  • So, guys don't find you as attractive now so you're trying to seem mature? So you can scoop up some unsuspecting naive guy who's never had sex, get him to commit to you, even though you aren't actually attracted to him, but he's what you can get? So you can have someone pay for the kids that you're actually going to have with other men behind his back?

    • What is this all about?

      Not sure how the average late twenties look.
      but I look pretty good. I get hit on all of the time.

    • I think this is directed to ur ex wife. It's ok things will get better when the divorce is finalized

    • It's common knowledge among guys who are good with women.

      Women fuck guys they find attractive, then when they can no longer command the attention of top guys, they insultingly scrounge around until they get a loser to sign a marriage license and pay her way.

      I've never been married -- and I never will be.

      I used to travel the world via cruise line -- because I was in HUGE demand from women. Married women, especially. I made a fucking fortune doing it, because they wanted to get pregnant and didn't want their husbands to touch them. I'd make about $10K per night. I can't tell you how many women I impregnated.

      I'd estimate between 10 - 30% of women lie to their significant other, telling him "you're the father!" LOL, bullshit.

      You, as a party girl, fit the profile quite strongly.

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