I keep dreaming of death?

The night before last I dreamt of my cousins car crash. He died five years ago. In my dream he was drunk and he had his child in the car. I told him that if he was going to be stupid, at least let me take his kid. He handed over his child to me and I followed him in my vehicle. About 30 seconds later I found his vehicle on its side, surrounded by police and ambulances.

Last night I dreamt that my mother died, though she is alive. In my dream, I didn't know how she died. But I attended her funeral, with everyone we knew there. And I was screaming because I didn't want the rest of her children to end up in foster care and I didn't know what to do to prevent it.

I looked up these dreams and tried to find meanings but came up empty handed. Are there any people here on GaG that study dream meanings that could possibly shed some light on these dreams for me?


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  • Dreams are tricky. They can men so many things

    In your case it could be
    Fear of losing someone
    Feeling of guilt or being judged
    Changes in your life, big ones maybe

    Anything sticking here?

    • Yes. I'm always afraid of losing people. One of my biggest fears is losing someone close to me, and me ending up all alone because of it.
      I am also constantly afraid of being judged, in one way or another. And I often feel as though I'm not doing enough with my life even though I am trying very hard.
      I have felt big changes coming for awhile now as well.

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  • Sheesh.. I hate those traumatic kinds of dreams! 😧 My sister uses dreammoods. com and she claims that it very often is correct! Search on like funeral, death or something about the dream that stood out.

    In both of the dreams you took care/felt responsible/were worried about the kids, maybe there's something there?

    • I actually did not notice that! Very good observation! I have two young children and one of my biggest fears is losing my loved ones and ending up all alone because of it. There is a very good chance that it has a deeper meaning behind the children, where my fears do kind of revolve around them. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will look up the website now!

    • Ah well maybe that's it then!
      Any time! If you find out what it might be, please share, dreams are really interesting :)

    • They truly are!

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  • Today I dreamt that my dad died and I couldn't go to the funeral because I was going shopping that day LOL

    • Oh and by the way dreams doesn't mean anything

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    • No I was talking in general

    • You have you're beliefs and I have mine. I believe that they do have meaning.

  • There telling you your going from being a kid to being ready to be a parent yourself


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