Do you think your heart is stronger than your gut?

I've trusted gut feelings and they have true. One of my friends said something about how your heart is stronger than your gut. I've been having gut feelings and some from my heart. What do you think?


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  • Depends on the situation

    If it involves your heart for example.. A loved one... Your hopes amd dreams them yes your heart is stronger

    Your gut: If you're lost internally or extrnally, if you have a wide range of choises etc

    Your head: dangerous situations, problem solving etc

    Obviously there will be millions of examples but I hope you understand what I mean

    • Yeah, i don't listening to my mind. I'ts hard when you overthink. I've had this gut feeling and heart telling the same things and I want them to happen. I know they will. I'm just so impatient

  • Your heart beats aprosimental 150 000 times a day you only shit 2 or 3 times a day so I fallow my heart


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