IOS 9 made my phone lag, anyone else?

Since I downloaded iOS 9, my phone is laggy..
when I slide down the notification bar, it lags. When I start an app then there is a black screen for 3-5 seconds. And my camera roll is also slow..
I have the iphone 5s and it is 1 year old.

anyone else experienced this? Or knows what to do?


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  • The iPhone 5s is BARELY able to handle iOS 9 due to the age of the device... that is why your phone is lagging a bit.

    Same thing happen to the iPhone 45 and the iPod 5th gen when iOS 8 came out.

    • Really? :/ I only bought it last year though.. That's disappointing

    • That's the risk when one buys an older model of a device. Technology evolves and updates quickly as it is, buying an older device only shortens the relevance lifespan of that device even less.

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  • Yeah I've heard there were tons of problems with the latest update which is why I'm been scared to update my phone. But you're definitely not the only one

    • Glad it is not just me!! If I were you then I wouldn't get it. The only differences I noticed is that there are separate folders for front camera selfies and when you want to see the apps running in the backgroun, there is a new design which looks weird and its much harder to swip them all away lol

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  • iPhone 5s shouldn't update to ios9

    Only 6 and 6s...5 and 5s could handle it but not as well as you'd want it too

    • Can I go back to iOS 8?

    • No I don't think you can, I think Apple restricts going backwards

      There is a way but it's rather complicated... you have to actually have saved a file on your computer BEFORE updating, and there's a program out there that lets you downgrade

      But once you upgrade without the save file, it's too late 😔 sorry lol

  • Here's the number 1 rule about Apple products - NEVER do an OS update on a device that is not currently for sale on the Apple website.

    • But the iPhone 5s is still available on the apple website :o thanks though!!

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  • its not just you!

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