Why I see family parties so often in my dreams? Also who was this guy?

I hardly speak wid ma entire family generally…but in ma dreams I often see party-scenes wid almost all family members including those who’ve passed away….

Anyway…. today I had a creepy dream dat made me woke up earlier….

As I said above…there was a family party dat took place in ma aunt’s house…. particularly ma mom’s sis…apart from family members…there was a strange guy who was always sittin in an armchair starin quietly at everyone…he’d only speak if someone was lookin at him… he wore a white coat (he never took it out) a gray cowboy hat…and he had white face paint as well….

And if someone was lookin at him for some secs…he’d respond like “wot r u lookin at?”…and if u responded like “oh nothing”…his response’d be “then u r dead hahahaha”…

Anyway to cut long story short…at some point during da party ma grandma (ma mom’s and aunt’s mom)…approached me and gave me a nail clipper (?) and a butterfly knife…and she told me “hey u r gonna need those when da party’s over”….

Party ended…. everyone left xept me and dis strange guy…. and of course ma aunt wid her 2 kids (ma cousins)…I wonder y I didn’t go home…. but anyway…


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  • Interesting, I'll read part 2 now...


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  • Maybe you just miss them. Or just long for a full family reunion.

    • guess u didn't read ma full story... there's a part II as well...

      and no i don't miss 'em..

    • lol sorry for missing out the 2nd part.
      Probably a manifestation of your feelings about dying, being in the form of the stranger and actions like your grandma handing you a knife.

    • if u read it... u'll see wot dis strange guy was actually... ;)