Girls, she still has feelings for her ex?

I'm not much of a social media, in fact I hate social media for the most part, kind of a waste of time to be honest.

Anyway I've met a girl that I've now known for several monthsnow, I like her. We talk a lot, I got her phone number, and now we text a lot, I like how things are going... until recently.

A friend of mine who has her on facebook told me that she wrote a comment on her ex's picture that she misses him. I don't know if I should take this as she misses him as in friendship or misses him as in romantically.

What do you think? Bad sign?


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  • omg I'm the same good idea staying away from social media. If I were you I would be kind of bothered that she still lurks on his page like yeah they can be friends and like each others pictures but missing them? No

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