Have you had any bad experiences while being hospitalised?

I've had a few - and I've seen it while my grandfather was hospitalised for pancreas cancer stage three.
I was hospitalised because of strong chestpains, extreme stomach aches, and other troubles with my lungs. (Turned out it was an infection - simply made me more wick, because my eating disorder caused me health to take a long slide down)
I was placed in a room with three other patients - who probably had it way worse than me. The room was too little and all our beds was almost just huddled together in a huge mess. Instruments, wires, urin bags, drops etc.. was everywhere.
The room itself was just a dirty little depot, they simply had removed the stuff - not cleaned it at all. It was disgusting.
Now - the treatment went fine - not good, but only decent. I and other patients felt like the staff always had excuses for not comming in. A nurse would go into the room with food, and a on a rare occasion help some of the other patients out on the toilet.
One of the other patients even told the staff a numerouse of times, that he was dirty and smelled - and the he really wanted a shower. The poor old guy was honestly just wiped with a lukewarm rag. I was there i only a few other days, where we really were forgotten. The staff (nurses) was ALWAYS bothered, never smiled, said hello etc. The doctors were always too busy, and if painkillers were needed we had to ask the nurses - who never came in. After my treatment were fulfilled.. I have never been THAT happy to get home.

So have you experienced anything like this?
I'd like to point out, that English isn't my mother language - so excuse my grammar and misspells!


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  • When i had my daughter i clearly was hospitalized and they gave me wayyyyy to much pain killer, i was a mess. I don't remember much but i guess i was crying over everything hahaha.
    Also when I got really bad with my eating disorder i was in the hospital again and was never seen. I sat in the er waiting room for literally 12 hours before i just walked out. I was sitting there shaking none stop and passing out over and over again and was never seen.
    I hate hospitals.

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