Is it nornal to worry?

I'm worry about my ex. We have been separated for... well... about 5 to 6 months I think, but I still think of him sometimes, and I still worry about him. I know he messes around with that vapor shit (he has bad lungs) and I've been hearing some pretty disturbing stuff going on in the vapor world. I know I'm not his mom, and I couldn't contact him even if I wanted to because I broke off all communication with him a long long time ago, and I really don't ever want to see that (no dout in my mind) unfaith fall jerk, but the thought of something bad happening to him worries me. Is this normal? (I don't know if the fact that he was my 1st and my 1st love has anything to do with these feelings) And what is the longest time you have ever kept missing or just thinking about an ex after a brake up?

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  • I think by him being your first love then it's normal that your worrying about him. I just hope you don't let this stop you or get in the way of you dating other guys. Sometimes it's hard to leave are pass behind. I think every heals differently and moves on differently from an ex.


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