If your crush added you on facebook ( he or she never talked to you) what would you do?

if she or he ( your crush ) added you and you never talked before and you dont have friend in common but you guys go to the same univesity and you have seen him around ?

  • wait for three days and add him
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  • wait for 2 days and add him
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  • wait for 24 hours and add him
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  • accept him or her right away
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  • never accept him or her friend request because I will feel creeped out
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  • No reason to play the silly waiting game, that is what is wrong with the dating community. Too many stupid rules people try and follow instead of just being themselves and going with the flow.


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  • Voted D. I would accept her immediately, and also attempt to start a conversation right away! She's my crush after all, so why would I hesitate? ;)