Did the love spell backfire?

I naively did a binding love spell last year, but I was skeptical. This guy that I really like reciprocated my feelings and it was mutual, but due to conflict of interest and being cautious about losing both our jobs, he kept things strictly professional. After we parted ways, I did the spell. After that, things got strange; I have no desire to date other guys or move on even after a year. I think about him often and the memories we shared together pains me. I miss him. And also until Now, he is strictly single. We never saw each other again and I really regret doing the spell. I did not have the courage to friend him on Facebook or visit him.

Please no "love spells do not exist". I want people who believe in Wiccans and black/white magic.


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  • Love spells are not real, so no it did not backfire.


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  • No... You're just becoming obsessed - as would anyone who 'did a spell' for/on someone.

    • Wiccans say if you do something against someone's will, the result will backfire. I think this did backfire. I have not seen him in over a year and the feelings are just as intense. This sucks.