Want to replace the audio system in my car?

I have a 2003 Civic and I want to upgrade the audio system. What I have right now is just the base model stuff.
I'd like to put in a new receiver, speakers and subwoofers.

I'm concerned about theft though. I know poeple will break car windows to steal audio equipment on a car. Is this something I need to worry about? Would the chances of my receiver getting stolen outweight the benefits of having a new audio system?


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  • usually the receiver/amplifier is stored in the trunk. Some cars have ways to set the trunk such that it can only be opened with a key - i. e. the lever inside the car will not open it. If you have that feature, then the decision is easy. Just make sure that, if you have someone else install it, they know to put it all in the trunk.

    That said, the chances of any theft is generally pretty low. But it's not zero. If you could simply apply the average rate of theft to the cost, you would find that it isn't a factor. But you can't do that. Theft is binary. The chances are low, but if it happens, it's going to suck.

    • Oh I meant the input device. The one that goes on the dash where you can hook stuff upnand change the volume/ etc

    • they make theft-deterrent stereos. 15 years ago my neighbor had one that you could remove the face plate for, and carry it with you. What was left in the car was easily replaceable, and useless without the face plate. And this was 15 years ago - I'd imagine they have less clunky theft-deterrent systems these days..

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  • The chances all depend on your local area and how safe/dangerous it is, you should research up on that before investing.

  • Don't put a $2000 stereo in a $1000 car

    • oh I wouldn't spend that much at all

    • That's what it will probably cost though

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