Note 4 users. how many hours of screen "On Time" do you get and your model number?

- I get around 3 hours of screen on time
(find it on settings under battery and clicking screen)

- My note 4 is model number n910k
(Find on settings on "about")

I want to see if my phone has an average bad battery. Technically mine doesn't use the snapdragon. instead it uses Samsungs octo core exynos 5433. But runs as 32 bit. I wonder if the battery improves with the android m


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  • Samsung screens take up a lot of battery. You can try reducing the light level.

    • I think 3 hours is disgraceful for a phone. especially an expensive phablet. I had a note 3 and I used to frequently get 6 to 7 hours, easily lasting the day

  • My battery tends to run out quickly because I use my phone constantly throughout the day. By the end of the day I'm running at about 28%.

    • which one is yours? samsung released different note 4's for each region.

      mine is the korean varient, Exynos

      It's model number is n910k, I heard some model numbers being able to get 5 to 6 hours which is twice mroe than mine..

      check on your settings and see how many hours you get