Moving out for the first time, what should I do?

So my mom was giving me some tips since I'll be moving out for the first time and in with my co-worker and her boyfriend. She said to have all my bathroom stuff in my room in a basket and just take it out when I needed to shower, brush my teeth, or take a shit. That way they won't use my stuff, bc I'm rarely home so ideally everything would last me a long time but not if I put everything out bc they would use it too. She also said to put a lock on my door in case they go in my room or have friends over when I'm not home. I kind of see what she means, bc we were living with my grandparents and uncle for a while and we started putting toilet paper in the bathroom and in one day it would all be gone, and we would put more out and it just seemed to disappear so we always had to buy a lot more. And same with the shampoo and toothpaste, bc My uncle always bought the shitty kind bc he was cheap but used all of ours. And she said I have to buy kitchen ware which I didn't plan on bc I don't have enough money to buy everything, but she said I should use theirs. What do you guys think?

She also thinks there would be problems between my coworker and I bc of her boyfriend but I don't think so bc I'm not that type of girl and I'm. literally not interested on boys right now, just work and school


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  • There is nothing wrong with accepting hand-me-down items.

    • That's not. my question. I'm not being given anything from anyone

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  • Just use theirs.

    • But I'd still have to buy stuff otherwise they'll get tired of providing for me

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