Why do Feminists make me sick?

I'm fed up with the lot of them. They're all the same, all following the same god damn biased agenda against men and menkind.

I was in a seminar at University. The topic was equal pay for women and 'oppression under men'.

My course is about 80% women, so the small minority of the men in the course (i. e most of my friends) were just rolling their eyes at everything this female lecturer was saying.

She wasn't even paying attention to any guys putting their hands up, in fact they were just ignored.

What a joke.


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  • What you have to understand is the underlying cultural marxist agenda in it. Encourage pettiness, create hatred between men and women, break up family relationships, encourage women to depend more and more upon the nanny-state, which gets more and more totalitarian as time goes on.

    I am reminded of what Gloria Steinhem once said, "What we (her movement) want is a humanizing of gender roles, not an exchanging of them!" And you know what? She was right!!!

    But later femi (commu) nists have done something worse: A *denial* of gender roles. A denial of the reality that yes there are always going to be more male soldiers (not that there *can't* be female soldiers, far from it, but biology is what it is).

    And likewise, a denial that there will always be a "pay gap" between most men and most women, spelled C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N. A women who takes time out to birth and nurse a baby, no matter how short, will fall behind. And her husband, if he is any good, will work harder for his family. And this is good, healthy and normal.

    But the femi (Commu) nists don't want marriages and stable families raising children. See "The Life of Julia". They want the state to rule over atomized citizens, rather than self-sustaining families.


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  • Injustice dressed up as equality makes everyone sick, even women, that's why we have egalitarianism.

  • Because you are repulsed by the idea.

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