Can you install a time machine on a fishing boat?

I saw in ma dream today a former female classmate of mine…wanted to travel back in time since she wanted to find a question she asked on a Q&A site in 2002…when she was 11…

She told me it was yahoo answers…but I xclude dis fact since YA was created in 2005….

Anyway…. i was supposed to be a fisherman and I was sellin da fish I caught on a flea market nearby da port where ma boat was docked…basically I was livin there and I had a time-machine installed there into da boat’s kitchen…

She found me there on da flea market…and she asked me if she could use ma time machine since she wanted to find a question she asked on a Q&A she asked in 2002…but it didn’t xist anymore so she had to travel back in time…

But I wonder…. how on earth did she know I have a time machine…when I had to speak wid each other since we were 12?

Anyway I said “sure y not?”…. and she told me she brought her laptop as well…I responded “r u serious? Is it an appropriate laptop for 2002? They’ll find us out…. we’ll use our school’s computer”…

Before we were about to travel back in time I had a bath first since I was smellin fishy (LOL)…. and I pulled out 2 backpacks and I filled ‘em wid random objects…. so we could pass as students….

So I set up ma time machine for September 2002…and we went back in our then class wid all da other classmates included as they were back then... strangely our then selves didn’t xist when we went back….

So we asked our teacher if we could go down to da lab and use a computer down there…she said ok so we went there…..

I turned on one of da computers…. and once i started to browse dis site after she logged in wid her username…alarm clock rang… :(

Only thing I remember it was white/purple/green….. anyone remember?

Which Q&A sites xisted in 2002?


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  • In 2002... I was 8, too young to remember, I barely used the internet back then.

    Have you watched any film related to time travelling these days? Or have you remembered of old classmates these days? I don't think it's common to dream with those things randomly.

    • i remember old classmates from time to time... and i wanna travel back in time as well... ;)

    • So I think it can explain your dream.

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  • 2002 - Nothing comes to mind - I would just have used google at that stage for info - I don't recall social media being that strong - Lots of common interest chat rooms and forums but nothing on scale of todays social media. For instance I would have emailed people rather than have another contact account such as KiK or GaG.

  • If you are smart enough, then yes.

  • Doubtful. You'd need a speedboat. You have to go 88 knots or something for it to even work.

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