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Hello!!! So as of recent, my new friends have been gushing over my voice. Kinda strange in my opinion. I am an American, born in Colorado, been raised all around the country, but I have a little drawl, we call it a 'western' accent, as people over the rockies sometime have somewhat of a twang. Let me know what you think. I am personally not a fan of how my voice sounds, but some other people like it. As for the singing part, I have gone to two voice lessons before, and I sure as hell know it isn't perfect. Thank yall! vocaroo. com/ i/s1W6cSHhENfi Must remove spaces in link


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  • you sound cute, as for your singing i can tell you have potential but you are VERY pitchy.

    • Thank you. :) However, can you elaborate on what you mean by pitchy?

    • your pitches were going everywhere, not all the notes you sang matched well

    • Ok, thank you for letting me know. Will work on it ^.^

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