Why I should suffer this?

A lot of people say I'm "so beautiful", and I do admit that I can let people like me very very easily. But why I find it's so hard to find someone to love? I told myself that I'll like the next guy who likes me, but so many has passed and I like none of them. Now finally I like a boy, he also likes me, we hug, we drink, we talk, he kissed me on my cheeks.. but in the end, I somehow, know that he has a girlfriend. He is the type of boy I like and I really like him, and it's too hard for me to find somebody I like. I don't know what to do.


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  • Well I mean, don't be some hussy "other woman." If he likes you so much, make him leave his current girlfriend.

    It would be wrong for you to allow him to cheat on her with you, if that's what you're asking. It would be very wrong. But also, you deserve better than to be some guy's girl on the side. You deserve to be his #1. You deserve to be his only girl.
    Ask him if he'd consider leaving her for you. And if he wouldn't, then you know it's doomed anyway.

    • His current girlfriend is abroad for studying now. This guy didn't tell me anything about his girlfriend, but I found it online. I actually even dont want to ask him about his girlfriend and don't want to force him to leave his girlfriend, that's not me and I would feel guilty all the time, and I'm afraid of karma.

      But I like him so much

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    • He must just think there is no necessary to tell me

    • Or he is a lying cheating scum bag who is playing you and being unfaithful to his woman.

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  • just keep your head up. you'll find someone.


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  • Try online dating. List of things you'd like an guy. Try a blind date. You'll find someone


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