Is Bernie Sanders worth my vote?

This is my first time voting and I don't know what I am doing so work with me.
So today my family heard about john boehner resigning so they started talking about politics. And of course they asked me who I planned to vote for and I said I might vote for Bernie Sanders my sister made a face and my dad said he is a communist. They know I have strong opinions so they did not push me anymore. I truly believe when you mix together a socialist and capitalist system, we will benefit.

But I have to ask:
How does he feel about guns?
Is it a good thing to make college free?
How does he plan to fix the economy?


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  • College is never going to be free, haven't you asked yourself who is going to pay for all this 'free stuff' and how?

    He wants to tax the wealthy at 90%... If I take away a rich person's money do you know what happens? They are no longer rich. What does that mean for you? It means you are going to work all of your life and never become successful because as soon as you start to do good for yourself, your money will be swiped out of your hands by the IRS. Do you know what a bread line is? Do you know where they were the most popular?

    Bernie Sanders claims to 'represent the middle class' yet his plans for the economy are just ridiculous. He is projected to cost the US government $18 trillion in stupid programs, which would double our national debt. He's not going to fix any economy, people like him are what have ruined our economy. Dumbass senators who have never read an economics book in their life making decisions that will affect the entire world.

    • You misunderstand his 90% tax rate proposal. He wants to implement a 90% MARGINAL tax rate. A marginal tax rate is the tax rate on the last dollar you earned.

      Not everyone is taxed equally. The first $200,000 that a person earns is taxed at a 30% rate. That tax rate increases after you earn a certain amount of money. Once it reaches a specific level, THEN it becomes 90%

      So for example, if Sanders were to make it so that the marginal tax rate would be 90% at the $5,000,000 mark, every dollar you earn after that mark would be taxed by the 90% tax rate. If you were to earn six million dollars one year, the 90% tax rate would only apply to the last $1,000,000.

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    • @FreyaDiermayr god forbid I ever wanted to make as much money as bernie sanders does to run his mouth in congress

    • I wish you could open up your eyes to the fact that he makes total sense and is very reasonable

  • how to get the money? It's simple THE MILITARY FOND

  • Bernie Sanders has a pro-gun rights voting record. I'm not exactly sure about the second one but I'm think that people would benefit from such a program. Thirdly he plans to rebuild America's infrastructure as much of it has fallen into disrepair, such a government program would also create jobs.

  • I personally don't think making all of college free is good. It's just going to make everyones taxes skyrocket. People are not going to be teachers for free they want to get paid and the money has to come from somewhere along with all the other employees. I think people shouldn't be stupid and just choose community college if they aren't getting a scholarship. But people want the "university experience" and so will in debt themselves for a decade to have those first two years of college partying.

    Making public services free is something people think will work because it works in places like Scandinavia but what people don't realize is there is a huge difference between the U. S. and them. They are culturally homogeneous compared to us and there's way less class division in most of those countries whereas it's huge here and that alone destroys the concept.

  • If you are goign to get a job dont vote for him. if you are going to be lazy and dependent on the government go for it


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