How do you start a conversation via online with someone after they ask you 'how are you'?

How do you go from greetings into an interesting conversation?

I'm bad at small talk or going into deep conversation. Any advice?


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  • To a complete stranger... not much. If you knew that person from real life, its a much easier approach because you know their interests.

    • What if you know them in person, but you don't talk to them often? I want to try to them better. Any advice? We live in different states and have talked before, but I don't know what else to talk about as I'm bad at conversing?

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    • Okay. Thanks for the feedback. :)

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  • If it's someone worth your interest just babble about your day and elaborate on something strange that happened the other day, or a trip you took last year, etc. Basically give them a little bit of something to bounce back to you. If you reply something like 'I'm fine.' they probably won't send something as interesting back. If you show them you're more than that by showing confidence and randomly talking about whatever, it may be exactly they want to start talking with you and not just the original conversation of asking her questions and getting short answers.

    • Once you get good at this and message a girl you like who is good at babbling too... you will easily start writing messages as long as 3 pages of Microsoft Word length to each other per message.

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  • Ask them where they're from and how they like it there, then ask them about their interests (music, television, games, etc.), what they like to do for fun, what their goals in life are, etc.

    It also depends on where you met them. If you're talking to them for the first time online, then you can just start off by asking those questions I stated above. If you're trying to engage in a conversation with someone in person, start off by asking them something related to the location. If you're both at a party then ask them how they know the host. If you're both at a public place like a store, the gym, etc., then ask them if they have been there before. If they have, then ask them how they came across the place and what led them to come there regularly.

    Once they answer and you give them your answer when they ask "What about you?", then introduce yourself by saying "Oh and my name is *insert name here*, it's nice to meet you." Now that you've both established common ground and introduce yourself, ask them the questions I listed in the first paragraph.

    A tip to prevent you from wasting your time: If they only answer your questions but don't ask any themselves, they're either not interested in talking to you (or talking in general) or they're self-absorbed and you should probably make up an excuse to stop talking to them. Or just be straight up and tell them that you don't want to talk to them anymore, whatever works for you.

  • Fuck if I know.

    Small talk is for small people I always say.

    • What about deep talk, a. k. a. the opposite of small talk?

    • I love deep talk. I live for that shit.

      If we can't have at least medium to deep talk, somewhere in that range, I'm not opening my mouth. Don't see the point.

      Sure, you'll get a hi from me and all that, but I'm sure as shit not gonna sit here and listen to 15 minutes of talk about the weather. Fuck that.