Do you steal food from your university's dining hall?

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  • It's not stealing when you have a meal plan ;)
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  • Nope, I have a really cheap University buffet I can go to instead. Some people steal food from there (and sometimes stupidly post it on the class facebook page as a "look what I did!"), but they'll ban you if they catch you doing it (... hence why the people were not very smart).
    The main problem is that I am pretty sure they have cameras set up around the place that'll find you in the act.

    Since I'd be very sad without my cheap crappy college buffet food, I don't steal from there.

    • I steal all the pop tarts. I'm not even subtle. I'm a master.

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    • Nope. I like mixed berries but I can't eat them alone.

    • Thanks for MHO

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What Guys Said 4

  • I stole food from the hospital once without knowing it until years later. I went to the dinning hall and got food and didn't know where to pay because I was the only person there. so I just assumed the sandwich came free with the 1200 dollars they just charged me and walked out. a few years later at the same hospital I found out the dinning hall works on the honor system where you pay using this weird atm looking machine lol.

  • What would be there to steal lol?

    • Food, obviously. Fruit, milk, pastries, etc. Anything you can fit into your pocket, basically.

    • Well I haven't yet gone to those lengths.

    • The largest meal plan doesn't cover all 21 meals of the week so I have to get creative.

  • my school literally gave you to go boxes. all you had to do was ask.

    • Oh, I can get those too, but where's the fun in that? Also, you can only get bland sandwiches from that.

    • uh, i rather carry stuff in a secure box than in my hands and bag, but that's a personal choice, haha! also, that really sucks. you can put anything you want in it at my school... you can take that comment however you want :D

  • Nope, not a big fan of subway or pizza pizza lol


What Girls Said 1

  • No, I didn't. I did have some culinary major friends, so I'd go to their floor and they'd prepare meals to "test out" on some friends and myself, so I got a free meal once in a while.

    • Man, I take everything. Well, everything practical. Kind of hard to conceal a chicken dripping in sauce.

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    • I don't usually bring a bag with me but when I do EVERYTHING gets thrown in.

    • Haha there ya go!