I'd like to go to a concert on November 27 because it's one of my favorite bands but, I kind of don't at the same time. What should I do?

The band "Kamelot" is one of my favorite bands. I actually didn't know about them until around 2006-2007 (when I graudated high shcool) but they had been around for 15 years already before then. The singer has since quit, but they found a replacement and I've yet to see the new singer in concert (I had only seen the old one and the temporary one (until they found the new guy)). The problem though is that the band also has some negative connotations with me because of some women I knew. When I first heard them, I re-met a girl I used to know when I was in elementary school. She murdered her father and step mother (a plan, she and her boyfriend had had for a while). I realize the band isn't a direct correlation but, it was what I was listening to when I re-met her. Also, a girl I had met way back in my second year of college (2008) was the first time I had gone to see them. I had already had tickets before I met her so, it's not like I could have invited her to go but, I asked her out the following couple days, on a date, and well needless to say, we don't speak anymore. Yes, that was 7 years ago but, it still hurts after all this time.

So, should I go or not. I'm tryingt o put these two behind me but, it's just tough?


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  • Kamelot is amazing! Damn, I wish I could go see them :/ If I were you, I'd go anyway. You can create new memories and enjoy yourself and replace the bad ones.

    • When did you get in to them?

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    • I wouldn't say so, no. I prefer Khan and the pre-2011 albums. I think March of Mephisto would be the favourite song, and The Black Halo and Dominion are probably my favourite albums. Karevik is fine, but not quite as good.

    • Ah, I see

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