For those GAG users that are hardcore video gamers, do you know who this legendary video game director is (Hideo Kojima)?

For those GAG users that are hardcore video gamers, do you know who this legendary video game director is(Hideo Kojima)?

  • Yes I do and I love his video games (Metal Gear Solid).
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  • Yes I do but I'm not that much of a fan of his games.
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  • No I do not but I think I might have heard of him before.
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  • No. I don't recognize him at all.
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  • Others
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  • didn't he do Silent Hill or is that the other Asian guy? Ik there was two but can't remember the names well


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  • Of course.

    • As a super diehard Metal Gear fan myself, I'm happy for Kojima that he's now finally leaving such greedy and shady company (Konami). Hopefully, he finds another company who will treat him with respect by respecting his talented abilities and work.

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    • I was really upset to hear Silent Hills being cancelled (mostly because of Konami). However, Kojima said he's still doing a "project" with Guilermo Del Toro, meaning they still maybe working on the same survival horror game, just under a different name, different settings and slightly different story since Konami still owns the IP rights of the Silent Hill franchise.

    • It's probably going to be a spiritual successor, those have really been blazing trails lately, especially on kickstarter campaigns like I said earlier.

      Like this one:

      From the original creator of Castlevania. Also Mighty No. 9, from the original creator of Megaman.

      Either way, crowdfunded or not, Kojima has a history of excellence in his record, I have nothing but high expectations from whatever project he'll start.

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  • He is THE master! Yet to play Phantom Pain.

  • I never had a playstation and hence was never able to play MGS series. However I played Ground Zeroes recently and am looking forward to play Phantom Pain.

  • Yes i do. And i think his games are great but i dont play them.

  • Yessir. Metal Gear + MGS is legend. And, Zone Of The Enders, anybody?

  • Yes I know him I saw him at e3 once when he was announcing metal gear rising

  • Well, Metal Gear Solid is not really my type of video game...

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