Poll: do you accept that you are an animal and an ape?

  • I accept that I am an animal and an ape
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  • I accept that I am an animal but not an ape
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  • I reject the notion that I am an animal or an ape
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  • Humans are not apes. End of story.

    • Yes we are, end of story, and why do people have such a hard time accepting this?

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    • "Why do humans have to have an extremely rare disease to have thick hair all over their bodies while monkeys do naturally?" First of all, hypertrichosis is not a "disease" it's a condtion. But we lost our hair because we evolved to live a much more active lifestyle than other monkeys so it was beneficial to loose our body hair to make it easier to stay cool. "Why do the skeletons of humans and monkeys not match exactly?" No two skeletons of different species of Monkey will "match exactly", that's like saying that crocodiles aren't reptiles because their skeleton doesn't "match exactly" with other reptiles. "Why can we tell the DNA apart between humans and monkeys?" We can also tell the DNA apart from a baboon and a spider monkey and in fact the DNA of a baboon is more similar to the DNA of a human than it is to a spider monkey. This video should explain more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmWbgKzpew4 So there, I answered your question :)

    • Answered, yes. Not how I asked, though. I'm done here. I'm not going to waste any more of my time with you because you are exactly what I expected and nothing better. The notion is still nonsense. Adios

Most Helpful Guy

  • I believe there are two types of humans.

    A - Monkeys


    B - Humans

    The difference between the two is how much they use their brains. If a guy decides to drop his morals, listen to his dick, and fuck his best friend's girlfriend behind his back. I call him a monkey.

    If he instead decides to control his dick, use his brain, listen to his morals, he has ascended past his monkey impulses and is now promoted to human.

    The difference between a stupid animal and a human, is that very, VERY, oh so precious space that you have in between your ears. Some people use it, and sadly, some do not.


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  • i accept that i am an animal, however humans have long since differentiated from apes.


What Guys Said 5

  • I believe "primate" is the term that both keeps the spirit of your question, ought to satisfy the nitpickers here, and describes what I admit I am.

  • Hoooohoooohooooohoooo

    *starts to pee into own mouth*

    I'm defo an ape brah

  • Like in a well known slipknot song...
    I was a creature before I could stand

  • I accept I'm a MAMMAL and an ape.

  • Humans are not apes. Humans and apes share a common ancestor.

    • Humans are in the family hominidae which means that we are apes,

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    • Apes and hominoids are not equivalent.


    • The problem with the argument he posed in that link is that he says that because Ape is an English word that was originally meant to describe the non-human members of the family hominidae it means that humans are not apes. That logic of course fails because the concise definition can change over time as a language evolves, but the phylogenetic reality stays the same.

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