My cat ''forgets' to breathe in her sleep?

I've started to notice my cat doing this. To be honest. sometimes I wake her up, just to make sure she isn't dead or something like that.
Could this be some sort of infection? weigth issue? any ideas?
As you can hear, I really love my cat ahhaha


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  • As someone else already said, she most likely has sleep apnea. Humans can get it to and in fact, quite a lot of people do. It's not an infection or anything like that, it's caused by a number of different factors. Usually, people who have sleep apnea have a genetic precondition for it but things like overweight, high blood sugar, alcohol consumption and smoking can also cause it and sometimes make it especially bad. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do for your cat. People who have sleep apnea (if it's bad) usually get breathing machines that they have to attach themselves to during the night (they have to wear a mask). Obviously, this is not possible for cats, both for practical as well as financial reasons. However, sleep apnea is not always dangerous. If it's only mild, it's uncomfortable for the cat (she likely feels tired a lot during the day) but it's not life-threatening. Is your cat overweight?

    • When we adopted her she was - The last owners had overfed her to the extreme. But we (and our vet) put her on a diet, so she isn't fat anymore - a bit big, but not fat. Our vet tod us, taht it was because of her race. She is bigger than most felines.

    • Mmmh okay... well I would definitely talk to your vet about it. I mean, he's the expert :-). But as far as my layman knowledge goes... I don't think there's much you could do about this...

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  • Madam quick call the authorities. If that cat bites you. You come down with rabbies and before we know it we have a zombie apocalypse on our hands.

    I'm to young to be eaten. Oh the horror.,... the humanity

  • She has sleep apnea people can get it to


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