Are managers suppose to call you a nickname?

Though this was ages ago (in my very first job position.. I was then 19/20), I made a mistake in thinking about something that was funny and laughed to myself. Little did I know, my then manager Nelly saw it and it was too late when I noticed her.

Ever since then, once in a while she would at times say ''Loca'' (meaning crazy girl in Spanish; I'm trilingual) but in a jokingly manner. However, there was a time I was kind of stressed out and really didn't appreciate but said nothing since she was of higher order.

If it were happening now that I'm older and more likely to speak for myself, I would tell him/her to please refer to me by my name. I really hate it that someone would think of you as weird or crazy just because they caught you laughing at something by yourself.

Other than that, no one else thought I was weird. Everyone else referred to me by my name.


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  • Calling people by a nickname is often used to signify friendship. Your manager may not necessarily think you are crazy. She just think it is cute that she caught you laughing out loud. There is no rule stating what a manager can call you given that it is not offensive.

    • Thanks. Hopefully that was the case.

    • What I would do is to allow her to call you by your nickname. Why? Because if she starts calling you formally all of the sudden, then you will know that she had some negative views about you. This way, you will be able to read her warnings.

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