Would this be wired if I did this?

I like this which I was horrible to because I thought she was judging me. this was online so I have never met her in person. I want to apologize in person to her , I know where she works but she never told me , we last spoken 18 months ago. Would she expect something if I happen to turn up at her work? She work s at a train station. when I go to visit my little sister it stops at her work , if I get off would she know that I know where she works but she never told me and its been 18 months since last spoken I really like this girl and I have just got over depression and other problems I have which was one of the reasons why I was horrible to her

Will more people give me there views on this please , that will be helpful


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  • I think it's very weird that you know where she works and you never told her. Maybe you shouldn't mention to her that you know but act surprised when you see her

    • It was a good feeling at first then I know I was right , I just really like this girl I would not even bother if I didn't but I am going to give it a go to apologize then give up if she doesn't accept my apology. I know it could be weird but I haven't been yet I have left it , but I would like to go and meet her for the first time.

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    • That's the spirit. Good luck

    • Thanks

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