What are the five things you want most in life?


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  • 1. To make sure ma and my bestfriend do great things in life
    2. be healthy
    3. be in a wonderful and dedicated relationship
    4. become wealthy
    5. living a truly happy life


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  • To get a car
    To get a degree in nursing
    To get a degree in computer technology
    To own a house
    To work in a well known hospital

  • 1) A healthy, fit body
    2) A great job making a great income
    3) A great sex life
    4) Good friends
    5) Knowledge


What Girls Said 6

  • 1. Some relationship to nature such as owning a garden, living close to a famous garden, living close to a lake
    2. Some relationship to people, family and animals such as having a family of my own or having a large network of friends or being in a prominent position at work
    3. The ability to relax, eat healthy, exercise, enjoy leisure and have a good time
    4. The ability to make a very powerful difference in the lives of others and to help them improve their situation
    5. Pleasure, knowledge, achivement and accomplishment.

  • 1. To be happy
    2. To have a healthy, happy, long lasting relationship
    3. To have kids
    4. To own my own home
    5. To be healthy

  • i want to get off my feet and live on my own
    i want to be healthy
    i want to continue this happy, healthy relationship with my boyfriend
    i want to continue to learn about everything, and keep an open mind to everything
    and i just want everybody to be able to get along.

  • 1. Independence
    2. Good credit
    3. Loving family (not from birth and marriage but real family)
    4. To be happy
    5. Great awesome boyfriend

    In that order

  • 1. peace
    2. health
    3. make people smile
    4. get some friends
    5. get a boyfriend someday

  • 1 For the guy I'm in love with to love me back again
    2 For me and him to be happy together
    3 Clear skin
    4 Money so I can live and support my loved ones who are struggling and help out with worthy causes
    5 Motivation to do more things and not get tired so easily

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