I failed my A-Levels and will not be formally accepted by any university, should I kill myself?


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  • Oh cmon, if every successful person out there gave up so quickly... they would never have made it

    you'll make it happen

    'When things are good, we never think they will go to shit and when things are bad, it feels like things will never get better'

    • thank you for that quote, it's very true

    • Awesome

      I know its hard to see it now but it won't feel like this at all... you'll find a way im sure

      Good luck stay 💪

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  • College isn't for everybody. The world needs all types. You couldn't have dragged me kicking and screaming into college. I hated HS too

    • I do agree that university isn't the only way to succeed but being surrounded by people who are all going to college/in college makes me feel like there are no other options. I feel so lost and there's no one there to guide me through all of this

    • Don't forget about trade schools or business schools

  • #Retakes

    Why kill yourself?


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