Is not wanting to be seen helpless a bad trait?

Yesterday, as I was taking a break walking with my friends I accidentally got hit by a ball. Immediately was bleeding on the nose.

As a result, a couple guys and my friends got all concerned. This actually irritated me and I told ''I'm fine, just going to go to the bathroom''. I wanted to go alone but my friends insisted on assisting me.

Even after coming back fast, they asked if I was ok and I said ''yes I already told y'all I'm fine''. Seriously it was no big deal.

I'm not even a crier. Last thing I would want anyone to see me as is helpless. I'm one of those girls that can easily get up on her own and be fine right away.


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  • There's nothing wrong with it as long as its really how you feel

    • yes that's how I feel. I'm a strong, tough girl. I didn't need that commotion.

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