How to support my refugee boyfriend-notboyfriend, who's grandfather passed away this morning? He hasn't seen his family in years?

He can't even attend the funeral. :( In addition to finding out his grandfather died this morning, he got in a bad car accident earlier today and totaled the car he worked hard for. I don't believe he's even finished paying it off :/ It was so bad they had to break the windows to get out. We're not together (at the moment) but I still instinctively feel the urge to nurtre him, get in the kitchen right now so that a meal will be tender and finished in the slow cooker by noon tomorrow, make him my homemade/all natural bruise/cut/scratch concauction, soak his feet in my foot spa bath thingy with peppermint oil, and cuddle him all night. *sighs* I finally got out of our cray cycle. He has no family here and has said numerous times I'm the closest thing he has to family/family like love. What should I do?


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  • Unless you're not going to hand him some money... a woman's vagina will be of no solution for what he's going through and I doubt a "meal" will do anything either.


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  • Daaaaaang. That's rough. I think that making something like a casserole or something else that's easy to heat up and MAYBE the salve if it's easy for you to make. Then toodle over with a get well card. That way you're still being supportive but don't have to BE THERE. He can have his space and work through things that way.

    The whole idea is to be there without BEING there, you know?

    I don't know How do YOU feel about it apart from wanting to be supportive?

    • That's a GREAT idea. Smart moves.

      I don't know... a part of me wants to be supportive & I know he needs to be surrounded by loving care especially since all of his family live in other countries :( buuut... he ruined our relationship and I was honestly looking forward to a future minus him.

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    • but you know I like a little trouble ;P I don't know I will try to behave.

    • LOL! It's your choice just be sure to take care of you too :)

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  • Does your boyfriend know you get pounded senselessly by random dudes every weekend?

    • LMAO what the hell! So I guess you've been inside of my vagina every weekend knowing what's going on in there, huh?

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