Is this realistic?

I'm in my last year of undergrad.

I put my start date down as January for a firm I got a first round for.

They will likely ask me about it, (however, technically, I still have school for about 4-8 months left).

I figured I can work + do school... but I"m not sure they will be convinced of that.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • It's not about what they think, it's about whether or not you are convinced yourself.

    If you know the firm, the work you would do and your school schedule and you are convinced you can do it, tell them why you are convinced and don't be shy or uncertain. You go all in or don't go at all, but do not play the middle ground. When you've given your pitch listen and take their feedback seriously but don't ask if they approve or disapprove.

    • The thing is... I really like this firm. And I will be really, really disheartened if I do or say something off that makes me rejected.

      If they reject me based on stupid reasoning, I will have to wait a whole year to re-apply.

      That is more than the 8 months for school to finish.

      The real problem is I am behind for my age. I am 2 years behind school and see this is an opportunity to make up for that. But I highly doubt they'd care about my personal woes.

    • If it's a competitive position then you simply have to set yourself apart from the crowd. You've already got a first, so they don't care about whether you are behind or not... but it matters to you. The right answer isn't whether or not it's ok, the right answer is in how you plan to accomplish both work and school.

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