Did he just not care?

I apologize for re-posting this. I just really am curious. I had a conversation with this guy on facebook and it went as follows:

Hi Alex,

I’m sorry.

I think I’ve been rude the last few times I’ve met/interacted with you.

How are you? Hope all is well with you.

Alex: Hey Britney. Not at all. How have you been?

Me: I've been good. Just catching up on my reading/novels book list

Alex: Great. Any standout selections?

Me: I’m currently reading the first part of the Clifton Chronicles, Only Time Will Tell, by Jeffrey Archer.

It’s set in 1920s England. It's well-written and interesting so far.

*no response despite checking it instantly*. After a couple of days, me again:

Me: I'm not sure you'd like it; it's mostly for seniors. I loved it, but I like reading about that era. Are you familiar with the author?

*no response*

Now the reason it bothers me so much, is because this dude just really gets on my nerves, and I tried to make peace with him, and he was not responsive at all!



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  • He doesn't want to talk about that topic. And it's boring, I don't blame him

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