GAGers on TV shows?

Today i had a dream where i would be live playing a videogame against a girl, on a Spanish tvshow.
I never appeared on tv so i was a little nervous...
This made me think... how much of you actually been in a tvshow? a commercial? or just a random street interview, or a movie? anything.


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  • I Church play... does that count? No? :( darn it.

    Nah actually when I was in college a News team showed up there and I was on camera walking by. I didn't see it, but my mom did.

    I've been on local TV many times because in this city not to far they have a car show every so often and would film it. I'd walk by the camera and then later when they showed it on TV would see myself lol.

    • I would have said "Fuck her right in the pussy", but it wasn't popular at the time and my parents and grandparents would watch it so yeah that wouldn't have been good lol.

    • You did well. Maybe one day when you get old.

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  • I was selected to have my court case get aired on The People's Court on PBS where I was the plaintiff. But my opponent declined because he knew he'd lose and didn't wanna be seen losing on national television. I was hoping to do it because we both would have gotten an all expenses paid trip to New York City and get paid a few hundred bucks to be on the show.

  • I've been on local broadcast TV a few times. I was working as part of a non-profit civic group.

    It was a weird experience. I actually got recognized by strangers out in public afterward, which was fun but a bit odd. You don't realize how many people watch local TV until you're on it. Most people are afraid of being on TV, so it's an impressive thing to them if you actually do it. I recommend it, if you have a point you want to communicate to lots of people at once.

  • One TV show and one documentary both national

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