Would you ever work at Gamestop?

I've once considered working there because the amount of passion I have for video gaming. But, I've heard that Gamestop offers little to no benefits for their employees and they also treat their employees poorly.
Would you ever work at Gamestop?

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  • It's a common misconception that liking videogames means you'll like working at gamestop. It's certainly not the worst you could do, but from everything I know, it's usually not a very good experience either. Most employees I've known were either lukewarm about it or hated it. A lot comes down to your manager, of course.

    Plus, brick and mortar stores like gamestop are really struggling to stay alive. Right now, they live off of pre-order bonuses. If that ever dries up, they'll die. Digital distribution is the future.

    • I was telling my teen bro that I wouldn't be surprised that in 2 gaming generations games will be only digitally distributed with activation cards (like for Minecraft on PC).

      Too many developers bitching and complaining about not getting money on second hand video game sales (yet every other good is sold second hand and the original developer doesn't complain about it).

  • It depends on how bad I need a job, but I'm past that point of my life, i'm more for "career" than "job".

    I haven't heard of anyone that genuinely enjoys working at Gamestop.