What is the person (s) that u "tag" more times?


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  • @smahala1991 tags me quite a bit, I love him for this and to think of me
    @YourFutureEx has been a great asset to me who has hollered to me a few times and never forgets me.
    @Klaatu51 never forgets me, has mentioned me a few times with Bestie answer.. A true blue friend til the end.
    @skykidx1 is WAY at the top of my list because he never forgets to mention me when needed to speak. He always comes to my inbox every day and even when I am away, he leaves messages like a great friend and bro he is.
    @OrdinaryGentleman has also Mentioned me in Questions, he is truly a wonderful friend as well I can tell.
    @coolbreeze, a good friend and a joker on GAG but very serious with his honest answers.
    @JustinCaseUDontKnow is One of my favorite GAGERS on here and I never forget him because he is a Straight shooter and very honest as well.
    @Hans222 thank you for any mentions. I adore you.
    @Iron_man you once gave me MHO and I love you for that.
    @EZ228 was there when I needed him the most. I will never forget him.
    @AppleFan1 has Asked for my advice on Questions that mean something to him, he is also a good friend to me.
    @Yesits_GalaxyHotChoc has mentioned me quite a bit, she One of my Bestie friends and Love her like my own sister.
    @Ashely_Princess for Mentioning many times a million times over because I feel she respects my great answers and advice I give to her.
    @BrieLove I cannot forget you, you are always around for me.
    @RainbowFanGirl you are amazing and never fail to answer me when I write on your Question. I will never forget the nice compliment you gave me one day, meant so much.
    @CHARmatic110 always a smile and style.
    @cinderell is a great gal and a great friend that I am proud to know here. She made me part of her birthday and I will not forget her.
    @MissNoWhere has mentioned me a few times in passing just to let me know I am a friend to her.
    @Starfishlover I will never forget the special message you sent me.. You are a gem of a girl who will surely go far.
    @HookingSwan has gave me a Bestie answer and always there for me with great advice
    @mskay is never far from my heart, I love her.
    @PrettyRican has given me Bestie answer one time. I adore her great sense of humor.
    @cl_517 has given me a few Bestie answers and has been a great friend to me on GAG, I admire her for all of her great work.
    @FinnishBeautyGirl has also put me in there a few times, because she adores me and comes to me for much needed advice when she cannot find someone who knows more.


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