Microsoft office word gets stuck and shuts off itself all the time. How do I fix it?

I have microsoft office word 2007.

It gets stuck at random times, but with a specific action each time. For example, right now it works normally but every time I press the button to put a front page, it gets stuck and shuts off. You get the idea.

It's very annoying because I loose my work and I have to save the document all the time in case it closes suddenly, and I can't write what I have on my mind because it gets stuck..


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  • Try going to settings and set them all to defaults (There is usually a button for that)

    Assuming it's a Windows machine:
    It it started not long ago-> Do a system restore (please google it, or message mt) to a previous date where it was fine

    If that doesn't work-> reinstall the software (For both Mac or windows, that's usually the way to go)
    You probably file have permissions issues, or file corruption, or settings corruption

    • *If it started
      You can also set the settings to save the backup file more often. The backup file is the file it asks to restore, when the software crashes and you open it again

    • The problem started afted I gave my laptop for service. They did a format to it. And I can't find the settings...

    • You still have Office online !
      Totally compatible (still lacks functionality) but totaly compatible with other formats

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    • this person is asking for money though..

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    • I tried the link and I did not have a person asking for money. It's likely have some virus or malware on your computer. I suggest you download the free malwarebytes and check your system. This may also be the reason you word is freezing.

    • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Features and Programs -> highlight MS Office 2007 -> click Repair at top if available. Otherwise you need to reinstall Office.

  • I guess you googled it and couldn't find a solution. in that case reinstall Microsoft Office, it's always the first thing you should try

  • Dump it and use Writer (Open Office) It's free.

    • Good option for casual documents and stuff. Wouldn't recomend it for professional stuff, as some formatting doesn't export correctly to other file formats (including pdf and docx)

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    • I have tried some of the free ones, but they don't have the same features. It's important to have those to write papers for university.

    • Then you'll have to live with the shortcomings of Ms Office.

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