Is 16 too old for skating to become second nature?

So, i taught my self how to skate when i was 10. I just hit the ice went for it. I skated for about a year and then didn't go bck on the ice for 5 years. I recently started skating again and took lessons for the first time in August. My instructor was crap though, she'd never pay attention to anyof us and never point out any flaws in our skating. The only way i found out that there was something wrong with my crossovers was because i went public skating everyweekend and someone there told me.
Anyways, I try to do cross overs but it's hard to bend my knees and keep my back straight too. I'm 5'6. It feels awkward cause of my height and. And when i start going fast during cross overs and have my skates at an angle, the foot at the back slips while im crossing over (only when im going fast). I'm putting all this time into skating but i'm not getting better in my opinion. I know the head coach and he said hey and stuff yesterday and told me im getting better but that could have just been as a casual greeting or cause im putting so much time into improving.

Because of all this, i feel like im not going to be able to become a good skater. Am i too old for skating to become second nature anyways? And also, cause im not getting any feedback on my skating, what should i do? Are private lessons a good idea? or should i start with powerskating since i can skate forwards, glide, able to do my crossovers somewhat and can sortaskate backwards, so that i get feedback?


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  • You are never too old for anything!! It's like with most things. You start out, then reach a plateau where you seem to get stuck. Suddenly, something clicks and you start improving again. This might happen several times.

    The main thing about it? Just go out there, and enjoy what you do!! It will come in the end!!


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